10 Personality Traits of Successful People


What traits do successful people have that other do not? Thousands of pundits, experts, philosophers and scientists have conducted research in an attempt to discover the common characteristics that successful people possess. And while opinions vary, most agree that those belonging to this elite group share the following 10 personality traits.

Look them over and see how you fare. Check your strengths and note areas where you may be weak. Not sure how you rate? Ask colleagues, family and friends to help you out.

1. Conscientious and Reliable… they deliver on their promises in a timely manner.

2. Altruistic and Considerate… they truly care about the welfare of others and demonstrate this concern often

3. Flexible… they understand that they must follow a plan but understand, expect and even welcome change

4. Able to give and receive constructive feedback… They have the courage to accept and provide specific feedback and constructive coaching without getting defensive.

5. Passionate and Enthusiastic… They have the fervor, energy and interest necessary to fuel their all important vision

6. Optimistic… They are positive thinkers who choose to see the best in people and situations but are not afraid to confront the cold, hard facts and weigh the risks in any new venture. Instead they use their energy and resources to figure out ways to make things work rather than why they won’t.

7. Committed to Life-long Learning… They ask questions; search for knowledge and information; follow through on commitments,  value education and respect others who do so as well.

8. Tenacious and persistent… They don’t give up when the going gets rough

9. Balanced in mind, body and spirit… they possess the mental, physical and emotional intelligence and skills necessary to perform their job responsibilities at a high level

10. Focused on the long term… they understand that part of the work they do today is building long term relationships with clients and vendors and planning for their future.

After you assess yourself in these 10 areas, share your findings with a partner and commit to a measurable plan of action to raise your scores. This will make a significant improvement in the success of your business and life.