Keep It Simple and Make A More Memorable Impression

This is an excerpt from my presentation at Entrepreneur Magazine’s Boost Your Sales With Online Marketing Event in Chicago.

In this cluttered marketplace  it is more important  than ever to keep your message simple. People just don’t have the attention span to work hard at  understanding what you have to offer.   Consider Google’s core message as they sought out venture capital years ago.

“Google provides access to the world’s information in one click” .

Can you do that with your business?


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  1. I’m reminded of the truth in your message every time I get a call from a prospect who has seen one of my ads and is inquiring about something different than what I’m advertising. I’m thinking my ads, which seem simple to me need to be even simpler to get one clear message across. Hearing Google’s one simple descriptor about what they do helps to get the thinking going. Thanks for this.

  2. Great message – great stage presence – you totally rock!!

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