3 Keys To Making More Sales At Your Website

Is your website making sales?  If not do you know why?

As Michael Gerber stated in the E-myth, you may be an expert at your craft (doctor, lawyer, consultant etc) but have no idea how to effectively sell or market your business online. If so you are not alone —  it is one of the key reasons people are not making money online.

To sell online you must understand direct response messaging which has one main goal – to get its intended audience to take action.   Good marketers realize that every word, graphic and choice you make is based on your online sales strategy.

These messages will be used in  your website’s written, audio, or video communications.

To craft your messages begin by asking yourself these questions:

What is most important to my visitors? What keeps them up at night?  How specifically can I help them solve these problems?  Why should they choose my business over my competitors?

Once you get clear on these answers, it is essential you create a simple, professional web page incorporating the following elements.

Click on the links below (that’s direct response– tell people what to do :)

1)  Attention-grabbing headlines and benefit -based bullet points

2)  Reasons why they should buy from you over your competitors

3   Simple navigation and a professional Look

We all understand how leery many consumers are to hand over money in exchange for products or services, so be strategic and focused.

One more thing…

Ask trusted colleagues and friends for feedback. Use this information to improve your copy, graphics and navigation.

Always remember — rather than shouting fuzzy messages to the masses, craft specific messages for particular people and encourage them to act as invited.   If your message is unclear or site is confusing people will just leave.