4 Ways To Get Your Ideas Into Action

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.56.03 AMMany folks often describe themselves as “idea” people… another way of saying that you’re likely to find them wandering aimlessly from one thing to another, never sure of what to do next.

If you can relate to this perhaps you  juggle multiple projects at once; start things you don’t finish; do not have compelling goals and say “yes” to any request.

What happens?  You guessed it… you might  become bored, exhausted, overwhelmed, confused and frustrated and lack the energy to do what is most important.  Thus, their real priorities –  those tasks that result in the best benefits – get lost in the shuffle and ultimately become forgotten.

How do you avoid becoming strictly an “idea” person?

  • Learn to say “no”… Realize that when you take on something you usually have to give up something else.  Drop time-consuming and unnecessary jobs and delegate more. Unloading your schedule will significantly decrease stress; increase your ability to focus and result in accomplishing far more!
  • Prioritize… Create a daily “to-do” list each evening and number your tasks according to their importance.  Then make sure you complete the most important one first, before moving onto the next.
  • Master Your Calendar… You are in control of your own time so learn to become a careful scheduler – even if it means you have to make appointments with yourself for lunch.
  • Slow Down… Rome wasn’t built in a day and your business won’t be, either. Don’t feel pressured to do everything at once, focus on progress and maintenance rather than getting everything together immediately.

Manage procrastination.

Most of us have been guilty of putting off things that need to be completed.  However for some, procrastinating is a way of life. Avoid doing things sloppily, late, or not at all; instead of looking for short term band aids, look for long term cures, avoid wasting precious time on costly rework. And if left unchecked, procrastination will make it nearly impossible to create a profitable online business.

Which of these did you find described you? If you found useful, share with your friends.