Are You A Guerrilla Marketer? Find Out In The Next 3 Minutes!

Now more than ever… in this economy it is essential to be highly strategic with your marketing.  That means being clear on:  1)  what you are selling and exactly why your potential customers will buy from YOU instead of your competitors  2) how to use an assortment of marketing strategies to increase your visibility and  3) how to develop powerful partnerships to grow your business…. in short becoming a Guerrilla Marketer!

In 1999 I founded the Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program and have personally trained over 300 Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaches including some of the top marketers in the world.

Today I ask you this  — Are You A Guerrilla Marketer?   Take this short quiz and find out.

This is an easy way to learn your business mindset strengths and weaknesses. (Please note:
the statements are ungrouped and not in any particular order. This was done intentionally to improve accuracy).   Scoring:  Answer each question from 1-5

1. Strongly Disagree | 2. Often Disagree  | 3. Sometimes Agree | 4. Often Agree  | 5. Strongly Agree
Here we go!

1. I am strongly devoted to following up with my customers and prospects.
2. I look for ways to amaze my customers with exceptional service.
3. My communications, attitudes and actions are all intentional and based on my marketing goals.
4. I consistently use new techologies (video, audio, web 2.0) to develop marketing strategies that are memorable.
5. I actively work on developing fusion marketing partnerships with other businesses.
6. My customers understand how and why they should buy from me instead of my competitors.
7. I focus on having a clearly defined marketing niche.
8. I track and measure the effectiveness of all of my marketing weapons.
9. I have a clear and specific written marketing plan.
10. I build strong one-to-one relationships with my prospects and customers.
11. Instead of focusing on just sales, I am dedicated to building long-term relationships.
12. Instead of thinking what I can take from others, business is built on a foundation of serving others.
13.  I spend time each week improving my marketing capabilities.
14. I make affiliate marketing an important part of my marketing plan
15. I spent much of my time contacting current customers instead of the universe at large
16. I embrace change and adjust well to the changing marketplace environment.
17. I am an optimist and see possibilities in all situations
18. I am very knowledgeable about how to effectively sell over the Internet
19. I make it easy and convenient for my customers to do business with my company.
20. I focus my communications on solving my customers problems

(c)2009 Mitch Meyerson

After you score your self on each question, create specific steps to improve the areas that need attention– then take ACTION on these steps.  If you do you will be on your way to becoming a Guerrilla Marketer and increasing your profits without spending hardly any money on marketing.

To Find out more about Guerrilla Marketing Coaching or to become a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach (next 12 week program starting soon)  

Are You A Guerrilla Marketer

Mitch Meyerson is the Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program and co author of Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet and 7 other business and personal development books.
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