Original Business Theme Songs

This original song written to inspire you!

This one was written for Michael Gerber's Dreaming Room

This original song written for Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield's book launch

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Michael Gerber The E-Myth

"Much like the E-Myth, Mastering Online Marketing is not just a collection of tools and tactics. Mitch Meyerson has created a solid step by step system for you to build and sustain a thriving e-commerce business.  Read it. Digest it. Follow it letter by letter. Then get out there and do it -- because that is how you'll experience the true rewards"

Joel Comm Best-Selling author of Twitter Power 2.0

"Social media is finally growing up. With over a billion people engaged in the social space, it’s more import than ever before to understand how you can grow your circle of influence and enhance your life using social media. Mitch Meyerson has brought together an all-star roster of social media players who practice what they preach. I recommend you carefully read and absorb the material in this book."

“Obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for”

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