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Making More Sales With Coupons

Now as a small business owner you can set up discounts via coupons from your own shopping cart. This “Under The Hood” video from the Easy Web Automation shopping cart will show you just how to do it.  And you can even try it yourself with a 4 week Free trial. Your Coaching Question for […]

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How To Set Up An Autoresponder Campaign (“Under The Hood” Video)

One of the most powerful ways online businesses communicate without spending a lot of time is through auto-responders. This is essentially a series of pre-programmed email messages triggered when someone puts their email into a form on your website. My guess is that you have experienced one of  them yourself through a mini course or automated response […]

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Automate Your Site: The 5 Essentials

Easy Web Automation

  The amazing growth of the Internet has created new found opportunities for millions of businesses who previously would have never been able to compete in the global marketplace. Yet while the low entry and marketing costs have truly leveled the playing field for many entrepreneurs it has also created a staggering amount of competition. […]

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