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Hey Soul Sister- Great Example Of Teamwork!

If you haven’t seen this yet… it is Lip Dub’s song “Hey Soul Sister” produced by the University of Vic (UVIC) during May 2010. Approximately 900 people appeared on this Lip Dub. The initiative comes out the course of creativity students of Advertising and Public Relations. (Directors: Daniel Feixas i Santi Hausmann).

Pretty cool and it gets better as it moves along :)

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Affiliate Program Basics: Creating Multiple Streams of Income

What Are Affiliate Programs? Affiliate programs are the Internet’s version of a retail company’s commission-based sales program. Simply put, you refer a customer through your affiliate link and get a check. The beauty is that as an affiliate you won’t physically handle products, create marketing tools, set up the sales process or collect the money. It is all handled by the affiliate manager. You just refer a potential customer (via email, social media, website or blog promotion). Nice and simple. It is a perfect way to start developing multiple streams of income which is essential in these economic times.

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8 Quick Tips For Approaching A Partner

How To Approach A JV Partner

As you  surely know the downturn in the economy has made times more challenging for the entrepreneur. However, any savvy marketer knows that developing powerful partnerships can be the key to surviving any economic storm.  So in this post lets look at how you can successfully connect with influential marketing partners in your industry. Before […]

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The Power of Affiliate Programs

By Amy J. Belanger, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach The Internet entrepreneur is pioneering brave new worlds of partnership. Among the most powerful forms of Internet partnerships is the creation of virtual sales teams. Gone are the days when the entrepreneur had to interview, hire and manage a sales force or hire sales managers to cover […]

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