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10 Personality Traits of Successful People


What traits do successful people have that other do not? Thousands of pundits, experts, philosophers and scientists have conducted research in an attempt to discover the common characteristics that successful people possess. And while opinions vary, most agree that those belonging to this elite group share the following 10 personality traits. Look them over and see […]

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4 Ways To Get Your Ideas Into Action

Many folks often describe themselves as “idea” people… another way of saying that you’re likely to find them wandering aimlessly from one thing to another, never sure of what to do next. If you can relate to this perhaps you  juggle multiple projects at once; start things you don’t finish; do not have compelling goals […]

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Commitment: The Road To Results

Commit To Success

Keeping commitments is the attribute that defines winners and keeps some people moving when others stop dead in their tracks.  It is the characteristic that keeps successful people optimistic in the midst of crushing disappointments. It is also the quality that allows champions to learn from their losses and move on and keeps victors energized when the newness […]

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10 Keys To Creating Powerful Goals

I’ll bet you have heard most of your life that effective goal setting is essential for success.   Why then do so many of us fall short on this essential business and life skill?  The answer is complex and there are a variety of psychological reasons. However rather than digging into the “why”, we will first […]

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How To Achieve More With Less Effort: The 4 P’s

In this short video I will tell you how I was able to publish 4 books in one year. Sound like a lot? Here are the guiding principles you can also use to achieve more than you might have imagined. (Don’t miss the end :) In addition to the related articles below here are some […]

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The 90/10 principle

If you are like me you have heard about the 80/20 rule for years. You know it, it’s called the Pareto Principle — 20% of your activities account 80% of your results.   Well as Bob Dylan said about 40 years ago, “the times they are a changing”. In my opinion the more accurate reality […]

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5 Keys To Getting More Done In Less Time

In 2008  I co-wrote four books:  Mastering Online Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet, World Class Speaking  and Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines.   Sound like a lot?  Yes it is but I couldn’t have accomplished this without following these five principles. I hope you can apply these ideas  to your business so you can […]

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Are You Getting It Done?

Listen to Internet Superstar Marlon Sanders’ rant on “Getting it Done!” Pretty funny, pretty true. (this is on an an audiopostcard, it is a cool and easy technology) Enjoy, Mitch

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