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Things To Know About Why People Buy

People purchase products and services, but they buy dreams. Products are merely the delivery vehicles for them. In other words, consumers purchase benefits – beauty, safety, financial freedom, island vacations, homes, popularity, sex appeal, and glowing health – not features – horsepower, sleek design, house color, or size. Savvy marketers recognize that their single most important […]

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8 Quick Tips For Approaching A Partner

How To Approach A JV Partner

As you  surely know the downturn in the economy has made times more challenging for the entrepreneur. However, any savvy marketer knows that developing powerful partnerships can be the key to surviving any economic storm.  So in this post lets look at how you can successfully connect with influential marketing partners in your industry. Before […]

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Who's Got Your Back? My Dinner With Keith Ferrazzi

Last weekend I was invited by Keith Ferrazzi, author of Who’s Got Your Back? to a private dinner with him and about 20 other successful entrepreneurs at the NSA Convention in Scottsdale, AZ.   Hosted at the Tuscany Restaurant at the Marriott this dinner was all about really connecting with others, something that is becoming less […]

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You won't believe this…

Look at the first picture where the car traveling from right to left crashes through the guard rail and turns 180 degrees over the ditch and lands facing the other way… Now take a look at the full picture — all the way to the bottom! Amazing… Mitch

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