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Keep It Simple – Now More Than Ever

I don’t need to tell you this…  People are overloaded with information these days and as a result they are tuning out faster than ever. This means to make an impact on your audience you need to keep your message relevant, concise and impactful.  This 2 minute video clip from my Mastering Online Marketing Tour with Entrepreneur Magazine will show […]

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Six Steps to More Sales Success

While opt-ins are wonderful, they’re just the beginning. If you’ve been around the Internet for a while, you’ve certainly heard many online marketers say, “The money is in the list.” If so, don’t believe them. Email lists don’t generate a cent unless they contain names and email addresses of buyers. In other words, if your […]

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Create Sales Pages That Get More Sales

Get More Sales

This checklist, excerpted from Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet, contains the most important elements and devices to include in your sales letter. So, learn them, memorize them, and use them.   1. Identify your visitors’ most urgent problem You can’t create an effective sales letter if you don’t know or can’t articulate your target audiences’ […]

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The Truth About Your Prospects

Are your prospects paying attention?   Consider these two realities: 1)  It has been said that people are exposed to over 3000 messages a day and probably more with the explosion of social media. 2) As you can see from this picture we are getting to be society of multi-taskers which makes it even harder to […]

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Things To Know About Why People Buy

People purchase products and services, but they buy dreams. Products are merely the delivery vehicles for them. In other words, consumers purchase benefits – beauty, safety, financial freedom, island vacations, homes, popularity, sex appeal, and glowing health – not features – horsepower, sleek design, house color, or size. Savvy marketers recognize that their single most important […]

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Seven Steps For Creating Successful Marketing

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1. Find the inherent drama within your offering. After all, you plan to make money by selling a product or a service or both. The reasons people will want to buy from you should give you a clue as to the inherent drama in your product or service. Something about your offering must be inherently […]

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