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Six Steps For Outsourcing Effectively

Building and training teams of qualified people to help you is a wonderful way to leverage your time – because it allows you to focus your energies where they can achieve the most meaningful impact.

And, in my opinion, one of the best ways to do this is by outsourcing work – i.e. hiring other people – employees, bookkeepers, contractors, etc. – to work with you.

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3 Tips For Increasing Your Email Subscribers

As any savvy online business owner knows …  your database of prospects and customers is probably the most essential asset to your business. Today you will learn some specific tips for improving your opt-in conversions (getting more people to actually sign up for your mailing list). But keep this in mind as you read through […]

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Denise Wakeman:Make Your Blog Posts Sizzle

By Denise Wakeman When it comes to creating content, there’s a subset of four elements you want to pay attention to, and those are the four E’s: Educate, Entertain, Engage, and Enrich. People go online for two reasons.  One: to find solutions to their problems, and two: to be entertained.  So you want to keep […]

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Colors and Your Marketing

Effective marketing is a strategic mix of many factors ranging from developing a compelling message to a psychological understanding of your prospects and customers basic needs.  An important part of the mix to create a “look and feel” of your business that enhances your identity and core message.  With that end in mind today’s post […]

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