Commitment: The Road To Results

Commit To Success

Keeping commitments is the attribute that defines winners and keeps some people moving when others stop dead in their tracks.  It is the characteristic that keeps successful people optimistic in the midst of crushing disappointments.

It is also the quality that allows champions to learn from their losses and move on and keeps victors energized when the newness wears off.

 How do you recognize committed people from others?

  • People who are committed keep their promises. They do what they say, long after the moment they said it in has passed.
  • People who are committed are in it for the long haul.  They are willing to exchange short-term luxuries for a brighter future.
  • People who are committed have their eye on the finish line, but enjoy the ride there.
  • People who are committed don’t build walls, they learn how to surpass them.

Yet, while most businesspeople agree that commitment is an admirable trait, they may not know exactly what it means to put into action – especially as it relates to business. If you don’t believe this, go online and take a look.  You’ll find gobs of abandoned and/or poorly maintained websites and blogs all over the place.  Then, consider how much time, energy, know-how, and money their owners wasted, because neglected websites and blogs do not generate income!

Unfortunately, this is and all-too-common fate for entrepreneurs – who by their very nature, are generally much more action-oriented than others.

So, why do some many well-intentioned and intelligent small businesspeople lack the commitment needed to grow and maintain a profitable business?

If you’re assuming that the answer to this question is that these folks lack solid work ethics, you may be wrong.  Rather, it’s usually just the opposite.  That is, many entrepreneurs become paralyzed because they’re overworked, over committed, and overwhelmed!

For example:

  • They’re eager to take advantage of new opportunities, so say “yes” to more than they can handle.
  • They’re reluctant to delegate tasks to employees or outsource work because they’re convinced that their product or service quality will suffer – or it will cost them a fortune.
  • They grossly underestimated how much time and energy it would take them to run their businesses smoothly.
  • They fail to document key processes and systems, which makes it very difficult for them to train others to take over.


And the list goes on…  Yet, even if you don’t identify with entrepreneurs who suffer from these, your plate is probably still full and you haven’t a clue where you’ll find the time to add more responsibilities to your burgeoning to-do lists.  All of us have times when we want to shout, “Will somebody please help me?!”

Commitment is key in business success. Not simply commitment to finishing your project, but commitment to every detail, every task, every minor and major goal throughout.  So whether it is saying no, outsourcing or taking a firm look at way you stand in your own way,

 Ask yourself:

“How will I benefit if I am fully committed to this project?”

Look forward to reading your comments below…

adapted from Mastering Online Marketing by Mitch Meyerson and Mary Eule Scarborough