The Mastering Online Marketing
Homestudy Course

For the first time ever... you can get 5 online business
building programs for the price of one

12 Sessions of Low Cost- High Impact
Guerrilla Marketing Training 

This is the same training  that was delivered to over 500 certified marketing coaches 

10 Sessions of Social Media Video Training

Including strategic training on:
LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Hootsuite, Social, Buzz Sumo, Advertising
and more

The 12 Most Common Roadblocks To Success and What You Can Do About Them

Alex Mandossian Interviews Mitch Meyerson, author of 3 Best Selling Psychology Books and Featured Expert on Oprah

Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

Work Less and Make More - How To Automate Your Online Business  5 Parts Video Training

Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

From the author of 11 business books and 4 online programs ...

Social Media Marketing

The 12 Week Guerrilla Marketing Homestudy Program that has trained over 500 Certified GM Coaches Worldwide

10 Hours of Social Media Videos covering all major aspects of social media 

15 Audios From The Online Marketing Superstars for instant download 

Make More and Work Less through Web Automation
5 Videos 

What people are saying about Mitch Meyerson's books and programs...

Brian TracyOn Mastering Online Marketing

This is an extraordinary book! It took me seven years to build a million-dollar internet business.  If I had had this book, I could have done it in two.

Get Instant Access To Either the GM Certification Course or GM Business Building Course on Your Phone, Tablet or Desktop In The Next 5 Minutes!   Start Today - Work at Your Own Pace

Brian TracyOn Mastering Online Marketing

Much like The E-Myth, Mastering Online Marketing, is not just a collection of tools and tactics. Mitch has created a solid step-by step system for you to build and sustain a thriving e-commerce business...Read it. Digest it. Follow it letter by letter. Then get out there and do it - because that's how you' ll experience the true rewards

Listen to the 12 GM audio sessions and 10 Social Media webinars and Superstar Audios at your own pace...

Read the content in the 240 page Guerrilla Marketing Certification manual

Complete the fieldwork for each session so you can see measurable results 

Take the GMC certification exam if you choose the certification option

The Guerrilla Marketing Coaching...

is an intensive 12 week program designed to provide entrepreneurs/speakers like you with the knowledge and marketing savvy to build a highly successful marketing coaching and speaking business.

This program teaches you powerful coaching and Guerrilla Marketing skills and takes you to the next level by becoming a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach

We believe that excellent Guerrilla Marketing coaches must “Walk their talk.” In other words, you can’t help others grow their businesses without also growing yours. This program is two-fold.

1. You master the proven GM principles to rapidly grow your business.

2. You become a Certified GM coach to help your clients grow their businesses. (optional)

Either way, you can significantly raise your income.

Over the last 15 years we have trained over 500 Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaches throughout the world. Our GM coaches live in Australia, Tokyo, UK, Bulgaria, Spain Sweden, Germany, Canada and all over the US.

In less than four years Morgan James Publishing has gone from a start-up to a $10 million business and was ranked number 44 on Fast Company’s “Fast 50” Companies for 2006. As Morgan James’ founder, I was even named a Finalist in the Best Chairman category in The 2006 American Business Awards.

My Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification training has significantly impacted our day to day business. We would never be where we are today without Mitch Meyerson, Jay Conrad Levinson and the Guerrilla Marketing Certification Program”.

David Hancock
Founder of Morgan James Publishing

If you choose to be a Certified Marketing Coach  Get Ready To:

  •  Learn Online Marketing Strategies Based our Best Selling Guerrilla Marketing Books
  •  Position Yourself Ahead of Other Coaches with an International Brand
  •  Use of the GMC logo for your website and materials
  •  Gain the Tools you need to become a Master Guerrilla Marketing Coach
  •  Get a “Business In A Box” you can use right away
Jay Conrad Levinson

Mitch Meyerson is one of the most outstanding coaches in the nation, if not the world”… His depth of understanding the ways to motivate action and implant ideas is superb.

Ed Tate World Champion of Public Speaking

With one idea Mitch shared with me I was able to make $47,000 in a 3 week period. Guerrilla Marketing do it!

1. Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program

Module One - Building a Strong Foundation

Week 1- How Guerrilla Marketing Can Boost Your Profits Without Spending A lot of Money
Week 2- Achieve Maximum Results Using The 16 Competencies
Week 3- Become A Masterful Coach With The 10 Essential Coaching Skills
Week 4- Focus Your Marketing By Creating Your Seven Step Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Module Two - Launching your Guerrilla Marketing Attack

Week 5- Dramatically Increase Your Visibility With 100 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons
Week 6- Get More New Business By Presenting Yourself With Impact
Week 7- Overcome Procrastination and Other Pitfalls By Illuminating Your Blind Spots
Week 8 – Exponentially Increase Your Impact By Using Fusion Marketing

Module Three - Maintaining and Improving Your Attack

Week 9 – Get More Traffic and Convert More Sales With Online Marketing Superstar Secrets
Week 10 – Get More Done With Less Effort Using The Power of Leverage
Week 11 – Learn How To Get More Customers To Purchase Your Products and Services
Week 12- Guerrilla Marketing Review

This course was taught for years at $2495.00 without the social media modules.  Now you can get the social media tools and the best pricing we have ever offered.

Alex Mandossian
Internet Marketing Expert

Guerrilla Marketing Certification has helped me gain more new business, faster, because I now have the tools to respond better to my clients’ needs.”

Don Lawler

I am so glad I enrolled in the Guerrilla Marketing Certification class. I was amazed to look at my books and realize that my business has grown 300% in the 12 weeks that we have met!

To stay current with the new and emerging trends in Social Media we have added 10 hours of Social Media VIDEO Training that's available to you... when you act before Feb 6th.

2. Social Media Marketing Video Courses

Social Media Mastery 

1. Understanding and Leveraging LinkedIn (2 hours)

2. Understanding and Leveraging Twitter (2 hours)

3. Leveraging Social Media Tools  (2 hours)

Social Media Mastery 2

4. Understanding and Leveraging Facebook (1 hour)

5. Understanding Google Plus and Slideshare (1 hour)

6. Understanding and Monetizing Blogging (1 hour)

7. Social Advertising: What You Need To Know (1 hour)

3. The Online Marketing Superstars Audios

Learn from some of the top marketers in the world from our private Superstars library

1. Brian Clark: SEO

2. Ann Handley : Content

3. Jay Conrad Levinson : Guerrilla Marketing

4. Michael Gerber: The E-myth

5. Jay Baer: Smart Marketing

6. many many more

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business With High Impact, Low Cost Marketing Tools?

Online Business Building Course

12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training AND 10 Hours of Social Media Training
(no certification)

  •  12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training
  •  10 Hours of Social Media Training
  •  3 Hours of Online Superstar Audios

Save now - the price will soon be $795

Online Business Course plus the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification

12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training AND 10 Hours of Social Media Training
(with certification)

  • 12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training
  • 10 Hours of Social Media Training
  • 3 hours of Online Superstar Audios
  •  The Guerrilla Marketing Certification

Save now - the price will soon be be $1495

Note:  Because you will receive all the course materials immediately there will be no refunds after purchase

How the Home Study Program Works:

Your Program Leaders

Mitch Meyerson

Mitch Meyerson is a dynamic speaker and the author of eleven personal and business development books including Mastering Online Marketing, Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire, When Is Enough Enough?, When Parents Love Too Much, Success Secrets of The Online Marketing Superstars, Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines, Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet.

His books appear in 24 languages and he has been the featured expert on the Oprah Winfrey show. His newest books are World Class Speaking In Action (May 2014) and Success Secrets Of The Online Marketing Superstars (Feb 2015).

Since 1999, Mitch has founded four groundbreaking Internet based programs including The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program which has certified over 320 Guerrilla Marketing Coaches worldwide, The 90 Day Product Factory, The Online Traffic School and Master Business Building Club.

He has trained business owners worldwide in his online innovative marketing strategies.

Mitch is also an accomplished jazz musician/songwriter and lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

Craig Valentine

An award-winning speaker, management trainer, and speech coach, has traveled the world helping speakers turn their presentations into profits. He has spoken in 19 countries and trained speakers from several dozens more.

In 1999 he won the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International after competing with more than 25,000 contestants from 14 countries.

Craig is the author of The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking, co-author of World Class Speaking, and contributing author of Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines. He is the producer of several best-selling home-study courses for speakers. Craig also has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and is certified as a Co-Active Coach and a Guerrilla Marketing Coach.  

Craig is also the co-author of World Class Speaking and ​the #1 Best-seller,World Class Speaking In Action 

Before becoming a full-time speaker, Craig delivered sales presentations for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill and won the Mid-Atlantic Division’s Salesperson of the Year award 3 times. He currently averages more than 80 presentations per year and works with presenters from Toronto to Taiwan. Craig has also received the Congressional Achievement Award from the United States Congress for excellence in communications.

See what some of our graduates have to say:

Al Lautenslager

In 30 Days began when I took this course and Mitch Meyerson introduced me with Jay Conrad Levinson to co-write GM30 . … In addition to becoming an expert Guerrilla Marketer, The GM Coach Certification Program can help you in ways that may exceed your expectations.

Ursula Kauth

Your GM Coaching Certification training changed my life. My business has grown dramatically over the past few months. My clients are in awe with my service. I have changed many of my marketing activities and received pleasing results. Finally I found myself. Thank you Mitch” 

Jenny Hamby
Expert Copywriter

My passion for writing has been rejuvenated. Marketing is no longer intimidating, as I have a clearly defined market to pursue. And it’s a snap to position myself in the minds of prospects. My favorite takeaway? The procrastination-busting exercises, which have helped me conquer my fear of cold calling.

Jay Conrad Levinson The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

Mitch Meyerson is the man who Founded Guerrilla Marketing Coach... he is able to take a complicated topic and make it very simple. The coaching program shows that action is the purpose of the enterprise and he shows you exactly what actions to take to be a real Guerrilla".

Start Today and Work At Your Own Pace at
Less Than Half the Cost of The Live Program.

Online Business Building Course

12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training AND 10 Hours of Social Media Training
(no certification)

  •  12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training
  •  10 Hours of Social Media Training
  •  3 Hours of Online Superstar Audios

Save now - the price will soon be $795

Online Business Course plus the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification

12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training AND 10 Hours of Social Media Training
(with certification)

  • 12 Weeks of Guerrilla Marketing Training
  • 10 Hours of Social Media Training
  • 3 hours of Online Superstar Audios
  •  The Guerrilla Marketing Certification

Save now - the price will soon be be $1495

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