Guerrilla Marketing Yourself

The following is adapted from the Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program.

Whether you want to admit it or not you’re marketing yourself every moment of  every day. Whether it is your Facebook status update, your website, a casual email or how you come off in passing to others… people notice.

And since you’re always sending verbal or non verbal messages about who you are and what you do, it is essential that you are aware of these messages and make sure you are sending the ones that further your goals.

As a psychotherapist of 20 years and author of 3 psychology books I studied first hand how people sabotage their life goals by being unaware as to how they come off to others.  It could be their attitude, their look, tone of voice or their verbal messages.  And worst of all most people are completely unaware of how they show up to others.

To be successful in business Guerrilla Marketers take a hard look at who they are and how the show up to others. They are clear, specific and send only intentional messages.

Consider the messages you are sending right now.

Look at the 3 following areas and see if there are places you can improve. Score yourself from 1-10.

• Appearance: Is your dress, eye contact, tone of voice and body language making the impression you want? Is it enhancing your business identity and brand?

• Messaging: Are your messages clear, potent and strategic?

Attitude: Are you positive and engaging? What is the attitude you wish to project?

Tip: There are two levels of communication: verbal and non verbal.  Be aware of not just what you say but how you say it.

Your Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Assignment:

• Take a few minutes today to think about how you “show up ” to others and write down your observations. Be specific.  Then take action on improving these areas.

• Ask a few trusted friends or colleagues to give you feedback on how you present yourself.  This may be the most important exercise you ever do.

Remember a small change can make a huge difference in reaching the goals you desire.

Adapted from the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program.  A new session will be starting soon where we will be actively working on these principles with others to stay accountable 
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