Lifestyle: Making Your Work More Fun

Maybe its because I am a Pisces, but I love to be in the water.  Give me a pool or hot tub any day and I am a happy guy.   That’s why  I moved  to Scottsdale AZ.

Flashing back… I remember when I was living in Chicago one day I was listening to a Tony Robbins tape.  He was taking about how he makes his work life more enjoyable by doing business calls in his hot tub.  As you can see from this photo I never forgot that :)

You may not live in a warm climate, but my guess is that you can find new ways to enhance your lifestyle and make your work time more enjoyable.

With the WI-FI and 3G connections today consider taking some of your work out in the park, to a Starbucks or some scenic spot near you.   Or maybe you have other fun ideas.  You might find that a change in environment even for a short time can bring a new perspective to your work.

I’d be curious  to hear about your lifestyle and how you make your work time more enjoyable.