What is Marketing?

Every contact with the public is marketing.

This simple but essential piece of wisdom was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson back in 1984 in the first Guerrilla Marketing book.



Key Points:

  • Marketing is EVERYTHING you do to promote your business.
  • It begins the moment you visualize your business and continues up to, and long after your customers buys your products and services regularly.
  • Marketing is always intentional and detail orientated, and overlaps to every single part of your business. It’s the way you pick up the phone, the care you put into your web page … its every contact.
  • Marketing is a continual process that develops over time.
  • The consistency of your marketing messaging is so important.
  • In this cluttered marketplace you need to gain mind share so people remember you.

Your Action Step:

Look at your business, meaning your website, your email communication, your communication over the telephone and see if there are any small details you are missing?

Do you have:

– an enthusiastic tone of voice?

– an absence of typos or errors?

– do you think thoughtfully about what you are going to say to people?

Make a list of anything that needs improvement.