Boost Your Online Sales: 4 Sure-Fire Ways

Want to try these advanced strategies for increasing your online sales? Here they are:

1. Engagement Devices

Tools that help build rapport by enabling your visitors to become more engaged, such as assessment forms, “ask” campaigns, polls, check boxes, quizzes, surveys, etc.

2. Consumption Strategies

It’s wonderful when you’ve made a sale… but it isn’t enough. For example, just because someone downloaded your e-book, it doesn’t mean they’re going to read it. And you can’t build lifelong customers if your customers don’t “consume” what they purchased!

Why? Because they can’t spread positive word-of-mouth referrals if they haven’t experienced the benefits your product or service delivers!

So, it’s a good idea to remind your customers to “consume” what they’ve purchased from you.  How? Simple!  Automate!  Emailing alerts pertaining to your product will keep your business fresh in your consumer’s minds.

3. Bundles, Add-ons, Up-sells and Bounce-backs

You’re probably all familiar with McDonald’s bundles, add-ons and up-sells, which go something like:

  • “Would like fries with your meal?”
  • “If you order #4 you’ll only pay an extra 40 cents and get an order of fries and large drink.”
  • “Why buy one double-cheeseburger when you can get three for 50 cents more?”

These seemingly simple strategies have earned the company millions of dollars because they all result in a higher transaction amount (i.e. more money) and they work for three major reasons:

  • The consumer has already made a decision to purchase
  • We all feel better when we’ve gotten a “bigger bang for our buck”
  • The products that are being offered together “make sense” – that is, they’re a logical extension of each other!

And it’s relatively easy to use this exact same strategy on your e-commerce site. Simply look for common sense products or services that you can add, bundle or use to improve your core offering and invite your new customers to take advantage of them on your order page.

Another advanced tactic you can use at the time of sale is the bounce back offer. This is an offer that gets your customer to bounce back and order from you again.

  • Thank the customer for ordering.
  • Let them know they made a great decision to buy from you.
  • Give them an aggressive offer to bounce back and purchase again from you right away.

Start your customers bouncing back right in your “thank you” page or “thank you for ordering” email.  You can offer a cash discount for the next order, a percent off, free shipping or even a free gift with their next purchase. Don’t miss that “moment of power”.

4. Exit Strategies

When people leave your website you still have one more chance to make a sale and that is to use a pop-up on exit.  Some shopping carts and all pop-up generator programs will do this easily.

An exit Pop up is a little box that opens right as people click to leave your website.
One way to do this might be to recommend other people’s products through your affiliate links, as long as they’re relevant to your visitors.

These simple, but extremely effective tactics when making an online sale have been used for years, and continue to be useful as they are timeless. Taken them into account when designing and updating your webpage to ensure that your customers will continue to come back for more.

Are you using any of these tactics at the moment? Which one do you think will work best for you?