How To Earn Monthly Recurring Passive Revenue


Over the last 12 years I have interviewed over 50 of the top marketers and successful entrepreneurs for my books Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, Mastering Online Marketing, Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars and Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet.

There was one business strategy that all of these successful online entrepreneurs implemented on a regular basis —  they created multiple streams of income with affiliate programs.


Here is a helpful audio overview of why affiliate programs are necessary for your business

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are the Internet’s version of a retail company’s commission-based sales program.  Simply put, you refer a customer through your affiliate link and get a check.

The beauty is that as an affiliate you won’t physically handle products, create marketing tools, set up the sales process or collect the money.  It is all handled by the affiliate manager.  You just refer a potential customer (via email, social media, website or blog promotion). Nice and simple.  It is a perfect way to start developing multiple streams of income which is essential in these economic times.

Good article on affiliate programs

What is The Best Type Of Affiliate Program of All?

Easy Web Automation

Without question my favorite type of affiliate program is one that generates are on going monthly passive recurring income!
This means one sale generates years of monthly checks.  
(Kind of like your telephone, people use it month after month).

So in 2001 I made the 2 smartest decisions I ever made online:

1)  I began organizing my business with an integrated shopping cart system called Easy Web Automation which organized my mailing lists,  sold all my products  and simplified my life online so that I could earn money globally 24 7.  I use the system every single day… and love it.

2)  Soon after I purchased it and truly understood the amazing power it held in increasing my mailing lists and online revenue, I became a reseller of the system.  Almost immediately after I began spreading the word I started earning monthly recurring passive revenue for every sale I made.   Now after a few years of promoting I earn 4 figures every single month without lifting a finger. Now that’s my idea of a retirement plan.

And the beauty is…  when someone purchases an online shopping cart they build their entire database on it,  sell products from it,  track ads,  set up  auto responders  and use it for years and literally decades…happily.

…this means when you make one sale you can be earning monthly income for years.   You have to love that.


Ready?  To Become An Affiliate is Absolutely Free.   It involves 3 easy steps …

1.  Get to know the product you’re selling.

–>   (You can try for 30 days free  with no obligation)


2.  Sign up as an affiliate (it will take you 2 minutes)

 –> Affiliate Signup 


3.  Let people know about the product  through your website,  e-mail promotions  and social media.   We will even show you how we do it :)



Some Points to Remember

• Promote products you truly believe in and that are relevant to your target market. Ask yourself: What other products and services do my customers need?

• Pre-sell prospects with your own testimonial. It is important that you use or a very familiar with this product and truly believe in it (For example I resell my shopping cart because I use it daily and know others need this e-commerce solution too).

• Be transparent and tell prospects you are an affiliate (The FTC mandates this)


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