Six Steps to More Sales Success

While opt-ins are wonderful, they’re just the beginning. If you’ve been around the Internet for a while, you’ve certainly heard many online marketers say, “The money is in the list.” If so, don’t believe them.

Mastering Online Marketing optin boxEmail lists don’t generate a cent unless they contain names and email addresses of buyers. In other words, if your list doesn’t result in sales it’s not doing you a bit of good. The money isn’t in the list, it’s in the purchases that people on the list make! So, guerrilla marketers closely monitor the folks on their email lists and look for patterns of behaviors that help them move from opt-ins to single sales and from single sales to multiple purchases. If you want to increase your opt-in and sales conversions be sure to:

1. Position your opt-in box in a prominent location, above the fold (the section of your website that can be seen without scrolling up or down).


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2. Use interactive involvement devices like quizzes, surveys, blogs, and “ask” campaigns to engage your visitors.

3. Encourage your visitors to consume the information or products they’ve downloaded or purchased.

4. Combine products and offer add-ons and bounce-backs. Look for common sense products or services that you can add, bundle or use to improve your core offering and invite your new customers to take advantage of them on your order page.

Qwest Bundles

5. Follow up. Once you have your new subscriber, stay in touch. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not mailing often enough.

Follow up

6. Set expectations up front. If you have a daily tip newsletter, tell your subscriber that’s what they’ll get. If you only mail out once a week or a month, let them know that, too. Just make sure that you send them what they are expecting to get.

An excerpt from Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet.

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