Mitch Meyerson is the co-author of World Class Speaking and #1 Best Selling World Class Speaking In Action.  With his partner, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking Craig Valentine, he has personally trained hundreds of World Class Speaking  Coaches

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Testimonials For Mitch Meyerson's Live Speaking and Webinar Presentations

"Mitch Meyerson has been Entrepreneur Magazine's featured keynote presenter for a six city tour entitled "Boost Your Sales With Online Marketing".  Mitch is a dynamic and engaging speaker who consistently gets rave reviews on his rich content and style.

A prolific writer and speaker, he walks the talk with a successful Internet based business and is a highly recommended choice for any small business or company looking to have a a keynote speaker or breakout session for their event."

Mike Ludlum, Senior Vice President of Operations for Entrepreneur Magazine

Mike Ludlam
Entrepreneur Magazine

This year Deluxe Corporation sponsored a 6 city seminar series entitled "Boost Your Sales with Online Marketing" presented by Mitch Meyerson. Mitch is an acclaimed author, trainer and a master of online marketing. The presentations were content rich, entertaining and motivating. The reviews in every city were excellent and I would recommend Mitch to anyone looking for a dynamic presenter for their event.

Alison Durtall
Deluxe Corporation


Leonore Dottin, Virgin Island Small Business Association

Some Of Mitch Speaking Topics

Guerrilla Marketing 

The 6 Keys To Getting More Customers Even If you Are On Tight Budget

Mastering Online Marketing:

How To Boost Your Sales With Online Marketing ​

Breaking Through Your Roadblocks To Success

Learning The 6 Keys To Creating The Life You Desire

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All presentations can be delivered by Webinar as well.

What a few of the experts are saying about Mitch Meyerson and his work...

"The truth is, I love brilliant people. I love the way their minds work. I love the adventure they take me on. I love to wrestle with them, to be challenged by them, to engage in dialogue with them… I love to listen to their words, and to follow them where they take me. Mitch Meyerson is such a person. It’s obvious that he’s comfortable playing big games and has a knack for helping others to play them as well"
--Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth

"Thank you for being a guest a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show entitled "Unwanted Advice". We appreciate your taking the time to share your experience and expertise with our viewers and studio audience.
--Oprah Winfrey

"Mitch Meyerson is one of the most outstanding coaches in the nation, if not the world"...His depth of understanding the ways to motivate action and implant ideas is superb."
--Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing, The Best Selling Marketing Series In History

"This is an extraordinary book! It took me seven years to build a million-dollar internet business. If I had had this book, I could have done it in two.”(Mastering Online Marketing)
Brian Tracy, Author of The Way To Wealth