6 Keys To Making More Sales (with special superstar audio)

Just think… With today’s current advancements in social media technologies entrepreneurs can reach out to tens of thousands of people in new and engaging ways.

Even better, they can accomplish this  without spending a dime making social media marketing is quite possibly the ultimate low cost, high impact Guerrilla Marketing tool.

However, while it takes just minutes to register and begin using social media websites, entrepreneurs who plan on using these powerful tools to grow their businesses, must do much more than merely participate in the social media “craze.”

Rather, today’s overcrowded and highly competitive Internet marketplace demands savvy marketers arm themselves with essential knowledge of people, marketing and know why people buy.

Here are 6 important keys to creating lasting customer relationships and making more sales (including a special audio right below):


1.  How Well You Articulate Their Most Pressing Concerns

To market effectively you must get into your prospects’ heads.  Listen carefully. Keep in mind that your prospects are concerned with their own problems first.  This means you must be empathic and put yourself in their shoes. Once you hear their concerns reflect back what they are saying so they know you understand.  It is only after that you can address solutions that have to do with your products and services.

Here is a conversation I had with Jay Conrad Levinson the Father of Guerrilla Marketing on this very subject.

 (you may need to wait a few seconds for this audio to play)

2.  Their Experiences With You

Your prospects will judge your worthiness based on how you make them feel.  This includes how well you communicate, your content “depth,” your website’s quality and much more.

Your prospects will also be more likely to engage in “conversations” with you when you allow them to interact in ways they prefer (i.e some may resonate with a blog post while others are more engaged by video or audio content).

And always remember you are marketing to people first so build the human bond by remembering personal details and listening carefully.

3.  Your Product or Service Benefits

There are two basic reasons why people purchase anything – to increase pleasure (e.g. glowing health, freedom, popularity) or decrease pain (e.g. stress, financial problems, poor health). Therefore,  focus on your product or service’s most compelling benefits as you communicate with your target audience – then, make sure you deliver on your promises.

Be specific.


4.  Your Trustworthiness and Reputation

Protect your good name and do everything in your power to ensure that your customers, prospects, friends, employees, and colleagues view you as a person of value.  Keep in mind that your credibility, plausibility, and truthfulness will also win you far more customers than exaggerated claims and over-the-top promises.

5.  The Value They Receive

Although most consumers are price-conscious, the vast majority do not consider price alone when making their buying decisions. Rather, they consider value: the difference between what something costs and its worth to the buyer.

What does value look like online? Answer: great content, expert advice and personal connections.

6.  Make Transactions Easy, Safe, and Secure.

People are more likely to hand over their money when they perceive the risk as minimal. It’s best to reassure potential customers with robust guarantees, a solid privacy policy, and secure payment procedures.

Online marketing is not about quantity; it’s about quality. It is not just about long lists of “followers.” Rather, it begins with a sincere desire to grow and nourish genuine relationships and doing whatever it takes to ensure they happen. If you do this, the money will follow.