Your Guerrilla Marketing Calendar

This could save you from making a costly mistake too. During the last 12 years, over 400 entrepreneurs worldwide have successfully completed the intensive 12-week online program to become Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaches. While most were highly motivated, many didn’t realize the importance of tracking and measuring their marketing. Simply put: they didn’t have a marketing calendar which could have been a costly mistake.

The truth is you can’t improve what you don’t measure. With that end in mind, here’s a template you can use to track and measure your marketing activities:

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Why have a marketing calendar?

A marketing calendar will help make all the elements in your program work well together. It enables you to plan your budget and helps you avoid unforeseen expenditures. It prevents you from engaging in hit-and-miss marketing. It protects you from marketing lapses. It aids enormously in planning. Clients who operate from one say that a marketing calendar is their most precious business asset.

Remember the ultimate goal of your marketing calendar is to create results. The Guerrilla marketer knows that results are based on intentionality, accountability and consistency paving the road to profits.