Oprah: 3 Reasons I Was Featured On The Show (and a clip)

Many of you might know me for my Online Marketing books and Programs.  However, before I started my career on the Internet I was a psychotherapist for nearly 20 years and wrote 3 books on psychology.

A highlight of this period was my expert appearance on Oprah.  You might say I was much like Dr Phil that day.

I counseled 3 families on a show called Unwanted Advice based on my first book When Parents Love Too Much. It was an amazing day from the limo that picked me up to the show itself.

Here is a clip of the show. There are two short sections:

1) I am discussing with Oprah how we attract controlling people

2) An audience member asks me “Is all advice bad? What is good advice?”

The interesting part of this second clip is that it happened to be the last question of the show (I didn’t know it) but as you will hear I was prepared and it led seemlessly into the closing credits.




I have to admit it was somewhat intimidating meeting three families 20 minutes before the show and having to do therapy with them in front of millions of people!
Especially because they were controlling people– people who gave “unwanted advice” :)

But it turned out really well.  I knew my topic and had a fair amount of stage experience as a musician in my 20’s.

Some people ask “did you hang out with Oprah?”  Well I can say she talked to me directly for the entire hour on TV and was great but I never saw her backstage.


Here are 3 Keys that helped me to get on the show.

1) Credibility.  I co-wrote an excellent book that was a very good fit for the show.  It is called  When Parents Love Too Much (1990 William Morrow)

2. Persistence. I asked everyone I could  imagine if they knew a contact for getting on the show.  It was after I asked nearly 75 people that a client of mine knew someone who knew someone who knew a producer. .. I was on the show 1 week later.

3. Strong Presentation Skills.  In the interview with the producer and on the show I conveyed professionalism, clarity and helpful advice… as well as a very positive attitude.


Here is the cover of the transcript of the show.








Oprah’s Thank You Letter