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Are You Putting Things Off?

Feeling frustrated and guilty because you are not following up on your most important goals? This article will dig into the underlying causes and steps you can take to break though. So Why Do People Procrastinate? There are a number of reasons people procrastinate, and a person who procrastinates may do so for more than […]

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Oprah: 3 Reasons I Was Featured On The Show (and a clip)

Many of you might know me for my Online Marketing books and Programs.  However, before I started my career on the Internet I was a psychotherapist for nearly 20 years and wrote 3 books on psychology. A highlight of this period was my expert appearance on Oprah.  You might say I was much like Dr […]

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4 Ways To Get Your Ideas Into Action

Many folks often describe themselves as “idea” people… another way of saying that you’re likely to find them wandering aimlessly from one thing to another, never sure of what to do next. If you can relate to this perhaps you  juggle multiple projects at once; start things you don’t finish; do not have compelling goals […]

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Lifestyle: Making Your Work More Fun

Maybe its because I am a Pisces, but I love to be in the water. Give me a pool or hot tub any day and I am a happy guy. That’s why I moved to Scottsdale AZ.

Flashing back… I remember when I was living in Chicago one day I was listening to a Tony Robbins tape. He was taking about how he makes his work life more enjoyable by doing business calls in his hot tub. As you can see from this photo I never forgot that :)

You may not live in a warm climate, but my guess is that you can find new ways to enhance your lifestyle and make your work time more enjoyable.

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10 Keys To Creating Powerful Goals

I’ll bet you have heard most of your life that effective goal setting is essential for success.   Why then do so many of us fall short on this essential business and life skill?  The answer is complex and there are a variety of psychological reasons. However rather than digging into the “why”, we will first […]

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Conflicting Intentions: Is this your stuck point?

Have you ever heard someone referred to as “their own worst enemy”?  Do you ever wonder why so many smart people seem to interfere with our own success? Even if their goals are crystal clear: lose 10 pounds, send out a blog post once a week, call a relative etc. – we don’t always follow through. […]

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Scarcity vs Abundance- Where Do You Stand?

We know clients with very small or inconsistent incomes who feel financially secure. As one of them put it, “I know, no matter what, I’ll land on my feet.” They aren’t careless or impractical, either. These people have a natural sense of abundance, a deep belief that there is enough to go around. We also […]

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