20 Ways To Get More Web Traffic

Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website - Mastering Online Marketing


1. Blog regularly and set up Hootsuite (there’s a free option of this Social Media Management dashboard) to distribute content to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

2. Create downloadable PDF’s with valuable content and active links back to your site (like the one above).

3. Use signature files on all emails with call to action.

4. Approach online partners and retweet each other when appropriate.

5. Post in discussion and newsgroups in your industry.

6. Write articles and submit (google “article submission”).

7. Set up your own Twitter account and share valuable information.

8. Give testimonials to others with your web address.

9. Create offline ads with your web address.

10. Optimize your website with SEO to get better search rankings.

11. Set Up Your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and make connections.

12. Host a teleclass and send students to your site for information.

13. Create A Trackable Marketing and Traffic Calendar.

14. Create a viral offering such a joke or flash movie with your website on YouTube.

15. Put your domain on all marketing materials.

16. Write a book and put your domain on the cover and inside.

17. Be a guest on a radio show and send people to your site.

18. Write an article for a magazine or blog with your web address in the resource box.

19. Speak in public and give a useful handout link to site.

20. Mention your web address every time you are talking business.