6 Ways to Communicate with Impact using Social Media

Craig Valentine, co-presenter of the World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program

The following excerpt by Craig Valentine is from Success Secrets of The Social Media Marketing Superstars. Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, has traveled the world and trained thousands of presenters on developing world class speaking skills. He continues to help entrepreneurs develop powerful presentations that quickly generate leads, customers and vast profits. […]

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The Fastest Way To Writing Great Copy: Your Swipe File

(Today’s article is by Guerrilla Marketer Lorrie Morgan Ferraro where she illustrates the importance of building a “swipe file”. Enjoy. This was excepted from a book I co-authored, Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines). So you’re ready to raise your hand and have a try at honing your own copy? Great! Let me take some […]

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How I Improved My Skills Quickly (a musical story)

Over the last 12 years I have had many talented partners (Jay Levinson-Guerrilla Marketing, Michael Port-Product Factory, Craig Valentine – World Class Speaking and others). In each of these relationships I was inspired to be more creative and productive than would have been on my own

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What is Marketing?

Every Contact is Marketing - Mastering Online Marketing

Every contact with the public is marketing. This simple but essential piece of wisdom was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson back in 1984 in the first Guerrilla Marketing book.     Key Points: Marketing is EVERYTHING you do to promote your business. It begins the moment you visualize your business and continues up to, and […]

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